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Twenty Seconds of Courage

Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage, twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery and I promise you something great will come of it.—We bought a zoo

I watched a great movie today with Matt Damon staring as a widowed father trying to reestablish his life after his wife passed away. In this movie was the above quote, which I find very inspirational.

Each day here in Hong Kong feels like “Groundhog Day”. In as much, as I do the same thing… look online for open positions, followup on positions I have applied for, talk to recruiters, and find an event to network at.

Hong Kong is a vibrant city driven by relationships. As big a city as it is, there are overlaps and new discoveries each day. I make it a point to try to get out and meet as many people as possible, even weighing two events for the most exposure to new people. Luckily last night, as I found one was cancelled, I moved seamlessly to the next event up the road and made some good connections.

Forming relationships is important in Hong Kong, and I participate in as many events as possible. Many times, I see the same people at multiple events. This is good because they then see me as well. We get to know each other better and maybe they may know someone that needs my skillset.

Where this will lead and how it will develope… I don’t know. But I do know one thing.

That it takes that twenty seconds of courage to put me in front of the right person to make a difference in whether I find a position, or I don’t.

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!


What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Each day I wake up and think what can I do today to get me closer to securing a job in Hong Kong. I am using mind mapping software to track my thoughts and progress. I feel that the graphical representation of my to-do list is much more effective than a simple list.

So each day, I strive to move forward. I think of only one step on each of my items that will get me closer to my goal. If it is an easy step, then I add another.

Each time I am always thinking, “failure is not an option”. I am committed to making Hong Kong a home and will see this through.

Tonight I took a chance and attended an event that was held at a chamber of commerce and was told it was only for those 28 years old and younger. At least I tried.

Then a quick regroup to attend an event called “Bankers Nite”. I met 5 people in a row without w job, looking here in HK just like me. At least I tried.

I will succeed and will accomplish this!

At the first part of this week a friend reminded me of the story of Nelson Mandela, which of course brought up the poem “Invictus”. I think the most important lines are the ones at the end.

What do you think? What drives you forward? Please share your quotes.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.