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What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Each day I wake up and think what can I do today to get me closer to securing a job in Hong Kong. I am using mind mapping software to track my thoughts and progress. I feel that the graphical representation of my to-do list is much more effective than a simple list.

So each day, I strive to move forward. I think of only one step on each of my items that will get me closer to my goal. If it is an easy step, then I add another.

Each time I am always thinking, “failure is not an option”. I am committed to making Hong Kong a home and will see this through.

Tonight I took a chance and attended an event that was held at a chamber of commerce and was told it was only for those 28 years old and younger. At least I tried.

Then a quick regroup to attend an event called “Bankers Nite”. I met 5 people in a row without w job, looking here in HK just like me. At least I tried.

I will succeed and will accomplish this!

At the first part of this week a friend reminded me of the story of Nelson Mandela, which of course brought up the poem “Invictus”. I think the most important lines are the ones at the end.

What do you think? What drives you forward? Please share your quotes.

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


Exploring the limits

It may seem like i am changing subjects when i tell you that i am now in Hong Kong, but China is a fabulous place and I will bring it up more often. I will tell you stories of my discoveries and what a genuine learning experience it was.

But I am now in Hong Kong exploring the limits again. I moved to Hong Kong three weeks ago with a plan to find employment. In the past three weeks I have found a place to live on Hong Kong Island, met many Recruiters and attended almost any networking event I could find.

From conversations at coffee shops I have found an excellent networking list of the weekly meeting here in HK, met other Recruiters, and discovered that there is much to do here.

Last night I did something that can only be unique to Hong Kong. I took a five minute subway ride to Quarry Bay MTR and in another 10 minutes of walking I was climbing a mountain. It was a full moon with a light mist in the air. The city lights was bouncing off the mist and it was possible to hike without needing a torch (that’s Brit for flashlight). The goal was a 400m peak called Mount Butler. The hike lasted about 1:40 and covered 5K, up, down, up again, and then down 700 steps in the wet mist. I felt afraid sometimes when I truly couldn’t see the trail because of the mist, but also knew that if I took my time and focused I could find the path. It was my first night hike and I am hooked.

I am still searching for a job, still meeting people everyday, and seeking to get “no” from at least 5 people a day. Only by seeking the NO will I find the YES!

Memorable quotes inspire me to excel, to push myself, to find what my limits are and then push them further. This is the quote that I am thinking about this week.